Saturday, June 4, 2011

Smoke Signals -- Tech Talk test

I can think of two possible reasons why you might have not been able to print the boarding passes.

The first being that a pop-up window was being blocked from opening. Quite often you have to click on the yellow bar that will appear under the menu bar and click on temporarily allow pop-ups, in order for the print command to work.

If the boarding pass was formatted as a pdf file you have to click on the print button inside the pdf window, very frequently you can't print using the "print button" under "File" when trying to print a pdf image. --- Karen H.


  1. It might be a restriction on the library's firewall. IT would need to see/tell us if there are any e-mail related print restrictions. IT would need to know which e-mail providers were used so they can trace it. Each provider has a different way of setting up print jobs so there may be restrictions there. Were there any pop-ups and what did they say? IT would need those messages. Doesn't seem like something we can solve without IT's help.

  2. Sometimes it's not a tech issue. I had a similar experience with a couple who were going on a cruise... her boarding pass was fine, the other wouldn't print. Turned out the cruise ship was "holding it hostage" because they had the wrong social security number. They called their travel agent and came back the next day and printed it no problem. It always helps to read the fine print.

  3. Thank you all for your input on this boarding pass issue. Based on your own personal experiences, you shared some valid points - any of which could lead to a solution and enable the patron to print out their passes. I had another one today myself, trying to print my husband's boarding pass on Southwest from my home computer. Unlike some of the other airlines, it costs you $10 per segment to get your seat before you hit the airport...when it blocked the printing because of that, we just decided to have him take care of it (free) at the airport!