Monday, July 30, 2012

Problems downloading to iPhone, one possible solution

A patron came in with an iphone who was having difficulties downloading books to it. After checking several things-- that she had the Overdrive app, that the books were showing up in her Overdrive account as checked out to her and ready for downloading, she was going through the proper steps to download. But we still were having no success. I went to Amy C. and asked for her help and advice. She said it had been discovered that with iphones you sometimes had to remove the Overdrive app and then re-install it and that usually that fixed the problem.

New SkyDrive

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Give it a try.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Convert a scanned document to a word document

Elizabeth S. and I were working together up and a man asked Elizabeth how to convert a scanned document into word.  He wanted to download the scan a document into a job application but he had scanned it as a picture.  This is how we converted a scan document into word so it could  be manipulated and edited into his application.

This is how we answered his question.
Convert the scanned document to a TIFF file. The can be done by opening or copying and pasting it into Microsoft paint and then saving it as a TIFF file.   Go to the “start” menu, point to “All programs” and select “Microsoft office.”  Open “Microsoft Office Tools” and then “Microsoft Office Document Imaging”.  Click the “open” button and find the scanned document saved as a TIFF file.  Press the keyboard shortcut “Control+A” to select the document. The scanned document will have a red line around it, showing that it is selected.  Open a new word document.  Copy and paste the selected scanned document and now it is an editable Word document.