Thursday, June 30, 2011

PC Res

Recently while working upstairs I've had two people on different days complain that they got kicked off the computer. One person was mad because whoever was next to him was on longer and didn't get kicked off. The other person was confused why it kicked him off when it was not busy and there was no one waiting. Does anyone else have this happen to them? I just tell them it's all computer generated. Each person said that there was something wrong with the system for this to happen.


  1. I would ask if the machine went through a normal shut down process, or if it went straight to a black screen. If Windows shut down normally, then the patron either ran out of time or told the computer to shut down (perhaps after installing a program, and not reading the bit about having to restart the computer).

    If the machine just went blank, then it was a hardware fault. The iMacs have a tendency to overheat, and when they do they'll turn themselves off. It's frustrating and it's unpredictable, but it happens.

  2. It's not that they were kicked off. They were annoyed they were kicked off, when one person had been on computer long than they have, and that their session ended when it was not busy, and no one was waiting for computer.