Friday, August 31, 2012

amazon instant video

Did you all know that movies and such can be rented from Amazon? I didn't, not until just now. Renting from Amazon might be a good option for patrons who want movies that are so old they're not even available via interlibrary loan. Read on if you want to see what Amazon says.

What Is Amazon Instant Video?
We have it all, anytime you want it: this week's newest movie releases, your must-watch TV shows, and classic favorites, all available right now. Plus, you can subscribe to current TV seasons, with new episodes available the day after they air.
Our store offers instant streaming on the Kindle Fire, as well as PC, Mac, Roku, and hundreds of TVs and Blu-ray players. Plus, all of your videos are stored in Your Video Library, so you can access them anywhere you go.

Rent or Own?
For most movies, you'll see two prices: rent or buy (own).
Rentals start at $2.99. If you rent, you'll have 30 days from when you rent to start watching, and once you start watching, most movies have a 24-hour window to finish watching. Once the rental is over, the movie will automatically disappear from Your Video Library.
Buying a movie or TV show means you can watch it as many times as you want, now or later,
subject to terms of use.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Helping parents to sign-in to Cherry Creek Schools website to register their children

We have quite a few parents coming in to register their children on the Cherry Creek Schools website, and we are finding that our pop-up blocker settings are preventing them from logging on to the Cherry Creek website.

Just clicking on the yellow bar to temporarily allow pop-ups, does not work for the Cherry Creek website.  What you need to do is to do is:
            Click on the “tools” tab located on the toolbar
            In the tools menu box click on “Pop-up Blocker”
            Then click on “Turn off Pop-up Blocker”

When the computer re-boots after the patron’s session, the pop-up blocker will automatically be turned back on.