Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tech Challenge 1: Vertical

Patron making a flyer upstairs on Word: wanted to add her information on to bottom of flyer as a tare-off (aka, vertical text).

C'est possible?


  1. I went into Word and in the Template section typed flyer with tear off tabs. It came up with two templates, a house flyer and a business flyer.

  2. Shenna's idea is the best and fastest way to do it, but if the patron already have the flyer and he only want to add the tear off part, you can:
    1.- Create a text box with the information.
    2.- Double click on the text box, and the format menu appears.
    3.- There, you have the option to change the text direction to vertical. After this, you can place the text box at the bottom of the flyer.

  3. I had no idea you could make a flyer this way! Good to know!

  4. I Googled "Flyer templates with tear-off tabs" and came up with several choices. Even if the patron already had the flyer created, the contents could be copied and pasted into one of the templates with a tear-off.

  5. Gary I too would have cut and copied her information to a new flyer document with tear-off tabs template in word.