Saturday, July 16, 2011


A patron wanted to know if he could play his CD-ROM game on the patron computers. The specific game was "Mortal Combat". The patron could not get the game to load, the screen had a message on it that it 'cannot play disc'. Any ideas?


  1. System Requirement for Mortal Kombat:
    Minimum CPU Type: Pentium
    Minimum CPU Speed: 133 MHz
    Minimum RAM Required: 24 MB
    Minimum Hard Disk Space: 25 MB
    Graphics Type: SVGA
    Graphics Resolution: 640x480
    Color Depth: True Color

    System Setting for our PC Desktops:
    Processor: 540 @ 3.07GHz 3.06Ghz
    RAM (memory): 4.00GB
    64-Bit Operating System

    Esentially, by checking the basics (to see if our PCs -- yes, for this purpose, I only tested the PCs), this program should work.

    Next steps would be: test to make sure disc is not damaged, asked patron if this is the original copy, reboot computer, test disc on another computer, etc.

  2. Will this run on MAC? I don't know!! Would switching to a MAC make any difference? I'm asking???

  3. My first thought when reading Carrie's question was whether or not our computers had the operating sytem to run the game from when we had CD-Rom's to check out. I found that there are different discs made for the game - 1) Play stations and 2) for x-box.

  4. I would ask or look on the disk jacket about the format for the disk. The other questions might be how long it would take to load the game and the amount of memory it take. We need to find out if our security systems might have a limit on memory used.