Monday, September 24, 2012

aldhotspot troubles

I've had a couple of patrons ask me why their computers don't seem to realize that they're connected to aldhotspot; that is to say, the icon in the lower left-hand corner of the screen shows that the wifi connection between the computer and aldhotspot is strong, but the computer screen says something like "Page Not Found." Librarian Nick Taylor demonstrated that if a patron--after connecting to aldhotspot--will first connect to the internet by choosing a browser icon and then respond to the ALD splash page, the problem is solved. I've seen this series of steps work on a smartphone and laptop computers.
Nick also reminded me that cookies must be disabled/turned off/deleted for the aldhotspot connection to function: select Tools from the browser window and then choose Internet Options to manage them.

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  1. Kathleen -- Thanks for writing such a clear post on how to connect to the internet using ALDhotspot. I knew those steps, but I had not heard anything before about disabling the cookies. Thanks Karen