Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mobile Devices and Overdrive

Just a reminder... If patrons have a mobile device (iPad, iPhone 4+, iPod Touch 4+, Android device, Blackberry, etc), they can download the Overdrive app to their device,then download ebooks and audiobooks directly, without having to go through transferring from a computer.  The exception to this is when a patron wants to put an audiobook in the wma format on their iDevice.  In this case, they would need to download the file to a PC and use the transfer wizard in Overdrive Media Console.  See for details on the app.


  1. I assume this does not apply to kindle. Had a gentleman come in yesterday wanting to know how to download books. Showed him the help section and tried to convince him to book a librarian but didn't seem to keen on that. Sigh

  2. Kindles are not mobile devices in the way that phones and tablets are. Kindles are actually different than other readers too in the way that books are transferred. Hope this patron figures it out on his own - it's not difficult, just not particularly intuitive the first time.