Monday, March 21, 2011

Super User setting

This setting will take the patron computer out of the reservation system with no time limit. It can be used for patrons taking tests, working on a lengthy project, or making a presentation in a meeting room. It is easier than extending the time on the print & time management system. This will work on the desktops, MAC's, and laptops.
1. Hold down the "Ctrl" (Control) button on the lower left of the keyboard and click on the "PCReservation" link in the lower left corner of the screen.
2. Look for the "Please enter the staff password." message in the bottom, center of the screen.
3. Enter "evan2009" in the box, and click "OK".
4. Click the "Log in as Super User" selection. The user is now in Super User mode.
5. The user will need to click the "Menu" box in the bottom right and select the "End Session" choice and then "End Now" to log out and allow the computer to shut down and restart.
6. Patrons will have to see a staff member to print. Use the override method on the printer to select the computer number and print the job.


  1. Great info, Gary! One of those things we do fairly infrequently and then forget what we did the last time! Thanks for spelling it out so clearly.

  2. For patrons to print from a PC in super user mode, once the print window pops up and a printer is selected and sent, the PC asks for a "user ID" - just type in patron's name, library card number or STAFF and it will send the job to the print station.

  3. All this is very helpful. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for adding this in Gary. The more places we have this information the better!

  5. Gary, so great to learn this. Thanks!